The Lowly SDR Podcast

We are who we are... Just Lowly SDR’s / Season 1 Finale & Recap

February 17, 2021 The Lowly SDR Season 1 Episode 18
The Lowly SDR Podcast
We are who we are... Just Lowly SDR’s / Season 1 Finale & Recap
Show Notes

On this episode (Season 1 Finale) of The Lowly SDR, Tyler and I sit down to wrap up season one and reflect on the crazy year of 2020. The good, the lowly, and the mentally exhausting. A year filled with highs and lows for both of us. Most of our highs coming from the incredible support we’ve received from the show, how that impacted our lives, and the struggles we’ve faced both personally and professionally as a result. 

We then highlight some hard working SDR’s / BDR’s / AE’s that have been fans of the show (Dalton BrownDaniel Abramov, & Clay Moller

Touching on some of the struggles they’ve been facing -

  • Starting in a new role / new company
  • How to work within a company’s tech stack (or lack there of)
  • How investing in yourself, through coaching / training / new tools, is key to being successful in any role or industry
  • How sales “boot camps” like “PreHired” can set you up for success 
  • How to navigate a friendly cold call from “small talk” to close / next steps / demo set 

We close the show by discussing what the show will look moving forward. Some changes that will be made going into season two. New projects and shows to look out for from ABUVEGROUND in 2021. 

None of this would of been possible without all of our fans. We really appreciate you guys sticking by our sides through this journey. Looking forward to pushing the boundaries and status quo of SaaS sales and Sales Development content in 2021. 

Love you all! 

The LowlySDR 

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