The Lowly SDR Podcast

The LowlySDR Makes it Happen w/ John Barrows

August 04, 2020 The LowlySDR, Tyler Cole, John Barrows Season 1 Episode 8
The Lowly SDR Podcast
The LowlySDR Makes it Happen w/ John Barrows
Show Notes

In this episode, the man, the myth, the legend, John Barrows, joins the show to kick off his partnership with The LowlySDR. John is head of JB Sales Training. They are responsible for arguably the number one training and content platform in B2B SaaS. John trained co-host, Tyler Cole, who swears by his work. He is also an inspiration to us both with his duties as host of the spectacular Make It Happen Mondays podcast. Today's episode will cover...

1. Why is proper value alignment so important when building and scaling a sales team?
2. Why do companies resist changes rooted in data and instead coach to volume based metrics and handcuff employees from building a unique brand?
3. What can leaders be doing to get the most of out of their SDR’s in a time in which cost of sale is being highly scrutinized?

Special thanks to our partners at JB Sales training, SDR Nation, Gr8 Insight, and PreHired.

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*This episode is dedicated to our friend and co-worker, Brian, who passed away during the making of this episode. Brian will be greatly missed but live on through our content*
(If you’d like to donate to Brian’s funeral and memorial fund please visit our GoFundMe.)

Special credits: Audio editing - Brian & Eric Smith aka The Lowly SDR aka Clockwork

Music: “Thoughts of a Thief” by Clockwork Prod. By Hanto BeatMaker 

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