The Lowly SDR Podcast

Selling With Purpose: How To Be A Better Person & Sales Rep ft. Ian Koniak, Strategic AE at Salesforce

June 15, 2020 The LowlySDR, Tyler Cole, Ian Koniak Season 1 Episode 6
The Lowly SDR Podcast
Selling With Purpose: How To Be A Better Person & Sales Rep ft. Ian Koniak, Strategic AE at Salesforce
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Today on "The Lowly SDR Podcast" we are speaking with Michael Jordan or if I had it my way... the Lebron James of enterprise sales. The man who has closed more revenue in one quarter than myself and my co host combined, Ian Koniak. Ian is an enterprise sales rep for Salesforce and is now teaching all us lowly sales reps how to go from selling copiers to closing 8 figure deals and how to become better humans along the way. In this episode we cover...

1. How can you sell better by being a better human being?

2. When is the time to forget sales tactics and just be your authentic self?

3. How do you quarterback your team through an enterprise sales cycle?


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Show Intro
Ian Koniak Guest Intro
"I'm 23, no job. I gotta save up enough to fly her here, support both of us, get an apartment, and pay for her college"
Finding the "sport" of Enterprise Selling (Discovering Salesforce)
Transitioning from Product to Software Sales
Ian Shares his First Million Dollar Deal
Changing Messaging w/ Every Touch Point
False Confidence due to Results
Ups & Downs of Sales
"It's not whether or not your client believes that your service will deliver what you say. That doesn't matter if they believe. What matters more is that they believe that YOU believe."
Numbers are down, I'm down, I'm ready to leave Salesforce
"I hit 98% of my plan"
Rock Bottom - It's time to Change
Sell Better by being a Better Human
"I don't know everything" (Show me the Way)
"I felt hopeless"
How do you Juggle all your Responsibilities? (Work less if you want to do it all)
"You can't be the best sales person until you're the best person"
You have to believe you Belong in the Room
"Serve others and in doing so you will be served"
Health and Spirituality come FIRST
Episode Transition to Part 2 (Commercial Break)
Part 2 Begins (People Giving aren't the Results Oriented People)
"Money is not evil"
Just LISTEN (What are the challenges? What's top of mind?)
Worry about what YOU can CONTROL
Play the Long Game
Not having Time is a False Excuse (Do what is most important)
Sales can be Fatal. Addiction is Prevalent.
Start w/ Healthy Habits
Invest in Process not Quota Attainment
"We're in the people business"
"Judging yourself by your performance at work LITERALLY will KILL you"
"Don't be interesting, be INTERESTED"
Where to find Ian?
There is Hope
Show Outro